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Making Tower Bridge Sing

7 March 2020

Kallaway recently helped drive a sell-out media preview for a truly unique arts experience at Tower Bridge.

To celebrate the Bridge’s 125 years as a landmark in the capital, artist, inventor and musical maestro Di Mainstone was commissioned to ‘play’ the bridge as a giant musical instrument. A film and exhibition of the experience is being staged at Tower Bridge until the end of March.

In Di’s film, entitled Time Bascule, Tower Bridge has been reimagined as a giant musical instrument, drawing inspiration from one of the first women to work on the Bridge - Hannah Griggs, who cooked for the Bridge Master and his family between 1911-1915.

Selecting Di Mainstone to create this striking new contemporary artwork is part of Tower Bridge’s consumer growth and perception shift strategy to encourage audiences to look at the bridge differently and then step inside to discover more about London’s best known heritage landmark and the lives of Londoners who lived and worked within.

We were tasked with using the exhibition as a platform to showcase Tower Bridge as a unique cultural space in the capital.

And we did just that by securing features in key London, art and trade media, including a comment feature on the Evening Standard, through to specialist titles such as Designcurial and Museums + Heritage Advisor. All demonstrating how the Bridge occupies a unique space in the hearts and minds of the city, encouraging Londoners to stop, look up and take inspiration from its architecture.

The Bridge joins a roster of famous suspension bridges around the globe that Di has worked with throughout her career, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge and most recently Sunderland’s new Northern Spire Bridge.

The exhibition “Making the Bridge Sing” at Tower Bridge features Di Mainstone’s new film “Time Bascule” which runs from Wednesday 29 January – March 2020. Admission is included in your entry ticket. www.towerbridge.org.uk