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26 April 2023

The London Art Fair turned to Kallaway to launch its first post-pandemic fair which for the first time since 2020, was back in its traditional January slot.  This was against a backdrop of a volatile art market, with the art media landscape dominated by stories of fair closures and problems for international galleries bringing work into the UK. 

Our key goals were to communicate that the London Art Fair was back to full strength, opening the UK’s art collecting calendar once again, attract buyers to attend and raise its profile to a younger demographic of buyers.

To deliver the London Art Fair goals we ran a media and influencer campaign that secured 100 stories across the national media, spiked interest online and reached at least 1.9m people through influencer marketing.  

Media coverage included a one hour segment dedicated to the Fair’s launch on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show, major features in The Guardian and The Art Newspaper through to news stories in The Times and Daily Telegraph and interviews for Fair spokespeople on BBC Radio London, Times Radio and Monocle. 

Our influencer marketing campaign focused on working with a highly targeted group of influencers to expand awareness of the Fair outside of a niche arts audience to influencer partners with large followings - ensuring the Fair’s content reached significant, relevant, and highly engaged audience numbers.   

As a result of our work 40% more searches took place for the Fair online according to Google and The Fair realised it commercial goals, ensuring the success of its first full return post-pandemic. 

Sarah Monk, Fair Director, London Art Fair, said:  “Kallaway’s campaign maximised our launch as a full Fair once again.  The team was a significant support and we’re delighted with the results.”