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How should brands use audio in a media strategy?

19 October 2023

In this insight session, Rupert Bean, Kallaway’s Media Director, covers how the rise of digital audio, including podcasts, has created new ways to reach audiences. 

A new record for audio listening was broken this year as nearly 40 million adults listened to commerical radio for 20.5hrs per week according to RAJAR's Q2 2023 report. 

There’s never been a better time to refine your audio media planning on traditional radio and beyond through the burgeoning opporunties online, podcasts and more. 

Don’t have time to watch the full recording?  Read Rupert’s Four Top Tips for utilising audio within your media strategy:

  1. Go digital for niche audience targeting digital audio (via Global’s DAX platform, Bauer’s Octave platform and other streaming services such as Spotify) allows brands to niche audiences and can increase your campaign’s reach and impact when it complements a radio campaign. 
  2. Use podcast advertising to reach audiences around particular topics or interests: From self-development and entrepreneurship to politics and history, podcasts cover a wide variety of topics and interests – and their reach in the UK has increased by 183% since 2017. Advertising around these podcasts enables your messages to be heard by audiences interested in the topics or themes relevant to your brand. Such advertising can be amplified further via presenter read-outs, and branded content. 
  3. Embed measurement via effective media planning. Audio is measurable if you plan it correctly. Techniques range from using purchasing or discount codes, trackable URLs or landing pages to working with partners such as Podsights and Veritronics that specialise in the measurement of podcast advertising campaigns.  We use these techniques and more to provide our clients with clear and measurable campaigns. 
  4. Test innovative techniques that encourage direct audience engagement: Novel methods of audience engagement such as ‘shake it’ – where listeners are encouraged to shake their phones or ‘say it now’ – which works with smart speakers, enable brands to reach a targeted and engaged audience. 

Watch the full insight session and or speak to Rupert Bean for more information on our media planning & buying services and how audio media strategies can be employed to help you achieve your business and brand goals.  

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Further reading for audio fans:  Read the Radio Centre and System 1 report: “Listen Up”. It is the first-of-its-kind report to define left- and right-brain creative features for audio, offering actionable learnings into creating ads that will emotionally resonate with audiences and achieve better in the short and long term.