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30 November 2017

To help Capital Gardens – the garden centre for London - connect with younger, interior-design conscious Londoners we created a series of terrarium workshops that positioned the garden centre at the forefront of this latest horticultural trend.  

Capital Gardens enabled Londoners to get micro-gardening and create their own eco-systems in bottle, all under the expert tuition of a terrarium specialist. 

The initiative not only helped Capital Gardens engage green-fingered Millennials across the capital, it also unlocked a new revenue stream from bookable events and significantly boosted engagement and follower levels on social media.

The workshop series is part of our consumer growth and demographic broadening campaign that in four months has boosted social media engagement by 547%, organic impressions by 102% and seen their London based following grow by 70%. 

Here are Capital Garden’s top terrarium tips: 

  • Almost anything can become a terrarium from a vase to a jar or dish – so long as it has a lid
  • Pick humidity and low-light loving plants such as ferns, fittonias and mosses, even orchids will thrive
  • Use pebbles as the base layer to encourage drainage and use a humus-soil potting mix
  • Get creative with colour and have a play with different textures
  • Display your terrarium in indirect sunlight – full sun with dry it out!

The latest workshop in the series will be wreath making with specialists Jar & Fern at Alexandra Palace, Neals Nursaries in Wandsworth and Woods of Berkhamstead throughout December.