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Video - How to launch an attraction with a limited budget

13 September 2021

In these difficult post-Covid times we share our learnings and insight from our successful launch of Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein to help you launch or grow your destination on a limited budget.

Watch the 30min insight session (video below and here) as Rupert Bean, Media Director and Claudia Wentworth, PR Account Director, talk through the campaign, sharing advice so you can get your paid, earned and own media activity working together for maximum impact, while keeping spend low. The marketing team from Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein provide additional insight and questions are taken at the end.

Key points covered:

  • The power of asking difficult questions.  No destination succeeds by just doing ‘the same’; make your budget go further and your success greater by doing your brand homework before you start. We share the questions to ask.
  • Break down silos with objectives and key results. Big or small, in-house marketing teams or external agencies tend to want to protect their turf. Learn how to break these barriers down through transparent objectives and key results.
  • The importance of a clear message and ‘look of voice’. Bland doesn’t fuel ambition. We cover how to be clear, distinct and compelling.
  • Why super fans help bring online success.  How growing genuine fans will lead to organic influencer and greater online audience engagement for limited budget.
  • Using data and timing for improved traction: Our digital campaign was 149% more successful than the industry average and our organic Instagram campaign had an engagement rate of 25%.  Find out how to plan and deliver the campaign so each phase supports the next.
  • Dance your delivery to the fox-trot. Why the ‘slow, slow, quick, quick’ approach of test, refine, deliver, will help make your campaign the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of integrated campaign excellence.

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