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27 July 2021

Imagine if you could boost ticket sales by engaging your target audience via their mobile phones when they’re in a particular location…down to the nearest metre?

Well, you can when you add Hyperlocal Mobile Targeting (HMT) to your digital media plan.  HMT was one of the channels we used to increase the number of new visitors to the Museum of Freemasonry in Covent Garden by 66%.

HMT enables you to select a particular location that is important for your brand and serve advertising on your target audience’s phone when they enter that location.  The fact that 92% of UK adults own a smartphone and 81% of them to search for goods / services / things to do when out and about, makes the potential of HMT very powerful indeed as part of a wider media buying strategy.  

The Museum of Freemasonry asked us to help raise awareness of the venue and bring new people into the museum.  By carefully targeting HMT to specific audiences around carefully chosen locations in the area, including decision making points such as tube stations and competitive venues, we influenced consumer behaviour and encouraged new people to visit. 

One of the key factors in HMT’s success is not just about picking the right location, but also what type of advertising you serve and when and to whom, when they’re in the right mindset.  

The industry average for digital display click throughs from mobile to the advertiser’s website is 0.1%.  With careful planning using HMT, this can be increased significantly – our Museum of Freemasonry campaign secured click throughs of 0.27% - that’s 170% higher than the digital display industry average and represents great ROI for the client. 

HMT represents a highly targeted and measurable advertising channel and should be considered by destinations looking to drive ticket sales. 

HMT’s ultimate success depends on selecting the right variables around proximity to your venue, locations chosen, the type of advertising served and your message – plus how the role it plays in a wider bought and earned media plan.  

We take clients through this during our media campaign planning process. 

To discover how a paid media campaign can grow your web traffic and ticket sales contact our Media Director, Rupert Bean – rupert.bean@kallaway.com.