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Kallaway's KidPreneurs

10 November 2017

With the UK’s first ever entrepreneur festival for kids taking place at Kidzania this Saturday 11 November, we discovered that the Kallaway team have their own childhood business success stories to tell….

  1. Will was a budding animal handler, breeding and training ferretts 
  2. Katie held the title as the youngest person in Britain to have a Natwest Business Account when she launched at the age of 11 her cushion covers business Allsorts
  3. Anna sold shells to her friends hand-picked from Brighton Beach
  4. Clarizza, at age 11, used to put chairs out at her school fate and charge people if they wanted to sit down!
  5. Georgie, at age 13, would cut the elastic off the top of socks and sew beads and buttons and sold them as bracelets at school
  6. Feven would cut pictures out of magazines and sell them to her friends as posters
  7. Kaye was a junior fashionista at 10, selling Grolsch bottle tops to put on the top of Doc Martens
  8. Philippe, back in Canada aged 12, would offer his neighbours to shovel the snow off their driveway

To find out more about KidZania’s KidPreneur Festival, visit our media centre or buy tickets here.