KAFFEINE / Public Relations, Travel & Tourism


18 June 2020

As lockdown lifts, we've donned our marketing scrubs and opened a new ‘Re-Launch and Growth Clinic’ to enable as many attractions and destinations as possible to draw on our expertise and re-open successfully.  

We've created a range of ‘treatments’ to help destinations overcome the specific challenges without the requirement for a full campaign.

From on the phone support to bespoke solutions, our 'Destination Doctors' will provide the advice and expertise you need to overcome the challenges ahead.


  • Re-launch and destination growth strategy review: Draw on our significant expertise in launching destinations to review your re-launch plans and provide advice to make them as strong as possible. 
  • Audience specific messaging: We can help you create concise and compelling messaging right for each of your audiences from staff to customers and beyond.  
  • Managing difficult issues: From customer complaints, damaging reviews, to employee complaints or redundancies. We can help you plan effectively and solve problems when they arise. 
  • Optimising your digital presence: COVID-19 has accelerted the requirement for brands to have a highly effective digital presence. We can review your digital activity and put in place an effective programme for online growth and customer engagment. 
  • Measuring impact: We can help put in place a highly effective measurement framework so you can track the impact of marketing and communciations activity more clearly to optimise ROI.
  • Training customer facing staff: Your front of house colleagues are the most important people when it comes to provide clear and accurate information to customers. Our training will enable your team to communicate with clarity and feel confident in their role. 
  • Spokespeople media training: Now more than ever, spokespeople need to be adept at dealing with media questioning. We train spokespeople to successfully optimise media interviews and overcome challenging questions.
  • Something else bespoke: While all our treatments will be tailored for each destination - you may require something different.  We're here to help and can create the right remedy for you. 

Contact Katie or Will for more information.