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23 March 2020

As the dark clouds of coronavirus gathered in the week before lockdown, the Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring Fair opened its doors to art-enthusiasts. Our challenge was to not only communicate the Fair in an increasingly turbulent time but also launch its new ‘Access: Prints’ initiative – created to help people discover more about collecting Prints.  

We handled communications issues around coronavirus, helping the Fair provide reassurance and clarity to its customers and stakeholders. To overcome the challenges of an increasingly fraught media agenda, we broadened press engagement across online titles - all linked to driving awareness and sales. To best showcase the ‘Access: Prints’ initiative and connect potential print buyers with the Affordable Art Fair and its galleries, we delivered a targeted influencer campaign and wove  'Access: Prints' messaging into all media engagement.  

The result was highly effective. Of the 64 media stories, 85% included links to the Fair website and over two thirds highlighted the Access Prints initiative.  The influencer campaign was particularly effective, over 50% of people (almost 7,000) who engaged with the influencers’ posts went on to learn more by clicking through to the Affordable Art Fair.  

To deliver the influencer campaign we worked with six highly respected female influencers from the world of interiors and design. They ranged from Lisa Dawson, columnist in Real Homes magazine, to Bianca Hall, recently profiled in Stella Magazine as one of the top 50 women to follow. We also built on the relationships with influencers from previous Affordable Art Fair campaigns, to continue to grow proven engagement. 

Pre-Fair coverage built excitement ahead of the Fair and boosted ticket sales through unique influencer booking codes. 

On the night, an exclusive pre-show tour of galleries in the ‘Access: Prints’ section highlighted specific artists, print styles and what to look out over the Fair. Influencers also interviewed affordable art collecting expert Nick Campbell of Narcissus Arts, providing top-tips on print buying and investment. 

Our careful and targeted approach delivered rich and deep content that was welcomed by the influencers’ audiences, amplifying the reach and broadening engagement with the Affordable Art Fair brand. 

These results, together with the national and lifestyle press stories we secured, steadied footfall at a time of steep national decline generally and boosted sales to provide the Affordable Art Fair and the wider art world with a bright sign off before the coronavirus lock down.  

Claire Gallagher, UK Head of Marketing, Affordable Art Fair, said: “Great work on a very effective campaign, you helped us maximise the Fair despite the rapidly changing external landscape owing to coronavirus.  All very much appreciated, thank you.”