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28 November 2022
With Christmas just around the corner, it's not to late to deliver a highly effective media campaign to increase profile, sales and footfall.  
In the video below Media Director Rupert Bean sets out four ways to maxamise paid media over Christmas so you can start the New Year with momentum.  
In just eight minutes Rupert covers advice on digital, amplifying social content, audio and out-of-homes - leaving you plenty of time to buy those last minute Christmas gifts.   



Key points: 


1. Optimise digital

Digital display can target your audience (in specific geo-targeted areas) both behaviourally (tracking interests) and contextually (using keywords to ensure your ads appear in highly relevant environments based on what they are reading and hitting them in real time), all at the touch of a button!
All we need is your ad design as an MPU and/or a leaderboard, and we can take care of the rest.
If creative costs are an issue, then we can employ BIA (behaviourally influencer amplification), which simply takes the URL of any of your brand’s own organic posts and pushes them out via our digital display targeting platform, reaching a whole new audience (not just your social channels’ followers). So turn turn your posts into ads very easily!
You can also learn more about contextual advertising here, in our full webinar on the subject. 
2. Video continues to deliver 
If you have video content to hand, make good use of it and use Pre-Roll and/or YouTube to promote your festive message.
Pre-Roll ensures your video ad appears before other video content on our display targeting platform, again using behavioural and contextual targeting (interests and keywords).
On Youtube, we can target relevant content, ensuring your video ad appears before that for total relevancy. 
3. Audio is very effective for christmas
Audio is a perfect medium for a busy time of year when people are listening but often on the move - or with larger groups such as friends and family.  Audio enables brands to engage these people without requiring their full attention.
While availability is busy across main London/South East stations, there is certainly a conversation to be had if a brand wanted to use audio to convey their message, using this high frequency call to action medium.
With so many other ways to utilise audio, such as audience buys across digital audio platforms,  podcast opportunities, and music streaming platforms such as Spotify, this could be a perfect time to get on air.
We can also help produce an effective audio ad quickly and cost effectively, from scripting, to choosing the VoiceOver and music bed and final recording. 
4. Out Of Home reaches the Christmas crowds 
There are always deals to be had if you look hard enough, especially across the digital OOH environments in the run up to Christmas. 
If you have a budget, let us negotiate the best package and value for you, be it on the London Underground, or Roadside, or Rail - all of them packed with commuters, festive shoppers and people looking for fun things to do over this period!